Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

All of our Figurines are sourced from around the world! Most shipments are sent out from China, Japan, Europe and the United States!

We do not produce these figures! Figures come from various overseas factories! 

Right now the only metod of payment we accept is Paypal. We are considering adding Cyrpto currencies such as Bitcoin, and ETH.

Because we ship from many different locations Shipping can take anywhere from one week to a couple of months so stay patient with us!

No we do not! We do source the figures from a connection of various networks and aggregate items we think customers we like. All figurines found on this site are of anime figurines and are not representations of any living man, woman or child. Please Also note some images may be altered / Enhanced. End products may vary from product images.

By nature Hentai is deemed adult content, so please note this when browsing our website. Also please note that these figurines are in no way representation of any living Man, Woman or child and are to be considered fantasy figures. If you find any content, or products that are questionable in nature please contact us immediately. We have 0 intention to display or sell any illegal content. We have a 0 tolerance policy when it comes to this.

As soon as your order is put in our suppliers immediately allocate your purchase with their inventory and start the packaging process. For this reason as soon as the order is placed there is typically no returns when the process begins. If we happen to be out of a certain product you will be contacted within a couple of days and will be given either a refund or the option to wait for a new shipment of inventory

Please note packaging can go through rough times during transit and is a normal occurrence. This is something that is unavoidable due to the long voyage some of our figurines take. If the model itself is damaged please contact us immediately and we will see what we can do to accomodate you.

Paypal should automatically send you an invoice upon your purchase. Should you need another invoice feel free to contact us with your order #.

Once a shipment is Packed it means the item has already been allocated, packaged and been sent to Sorting Center. This means there is no logistical way to cancel your Order.

If you would like tracking information please note that due the nature of the time we are living in Tracking numbers are assigned and sometimes changed midshipment based on warehouse arrivals by post. If you have any questions on any orders do not hesitate to reach out to ask about the current status of your Shipment.

Once an order is placed it is put through to the warehouses and begins the process of packaging and shipping arrangements, so typically an order can not be canceled once placed. If an Item is has entered the “Sorting Center” stage it is impossible to cancel the order as it has already left and is in an irreversible stage. Please note packaging can go through rough times during transit and is a normal occurrence. These Figures are transported from around the world and depending on customs in certain countries they may be opened and repackaged.

** Please Also note some images may be altered / Enhanced. End products may also vary from product images seen. All Product images seen here are supplied to us VIA Factories and Distributors. 

Refunds – All sales are final once past the Sorting Center Phase. Once an item is shipped out and delivered there will be no refunds. These figures are shipped from over seas, and shipping back to factory in most cases is not worth it for the customer.  Also due to the fact we sell “Adult Products” we just absolutely can not accept refunds for health and safety reasons. The only time we will offer a full / partial refund is if a figure comes incomplete or tracking shows it has been lost in transit. If an item is shipped and is deemed undeliverable, and shipping information is consistent with what the customer has provided we suggest you contact your local post to check the status of your shipment. If you do not contact them for pickup or delivery they will dispose of your package and in which case we can not offer you a refund. 

This is the only way we are able to operate so please note this before making a purchase.

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